2018 Race Schedule is Here!

Updated the schedule to reflect the tentative race schedule for 2018!


February 23-24Doomsday @ North Star Dragway-Denton, TX (No Prep)

March 2-3MX235 @ Xtreme Raceway Park-Ferris, TX (Prep)

April 13-14Redemption 11.0 @ Xtreme Raceway Park-Ferris, TX (No Prep)

April 28True Street ShootoutNorth Star Dragway-Denton, TX (Prep)

May 18-19Redemption 12.0 @ Evadale Raceway-Evadale, TX (No Prep)

June 29-30Redemption 13.0 @ Amarillo Dragway-Amarillo, TX (No Prep)

July 21True Street ShootoutNorth Star Dragway-Denton, TX (Prep)

August 24-25Redemption 14.0Xtreme Raceway Park-Ferris, TX (No Prep)

September 7-8Redemption 15.0 @ Evadale Raceway-Evadale, TX (No Prep)

October 10Doomsday @ North Star Dragway-Denton, TX (No Prep)

November 9-10MX235 @ North Star Dragway-Denton, TX (Prep)

November 9-10 Redemption 16.0Xtreme Raceway Park-Ferris, TX (No Prep)

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